Website Analytics & Reporting

What to Expect from our Orangeville Website Analytics Services

For most brands, your website is the centrepiece of your digital marketing experience.

So it’s critical to understand how your potential customers are interacting with the site. Is it effective in generating interest and getting results? Or is it leaving more to be desired and causing visitors to look somewhere else for a solution?

How We Help

Step 1: Confirm Business Goals

What are we trying to accomplish with the website? What does success look like?

First and foremost, we want to get on the same page in terms of what we want and expect out of the website.

Is it a tool for getting new leads? Or do we simply want to share information about the business?

Step 2: Set up Proper Tracking Tools

With goals in mind, we can start putting all the right tracking in place to measure success.

We set up tracking for meaningful interactions on the website — for example, how often forms are filled out and phone calls are made from the site.

This gives you a solid understanding of the benefit your website provides to the business.

Step 3: Build Simple Reports

Next, we create easy-to-understand and straightforward reports that give you regular updates on how your website is doing.

Our goal is to show the story of what is happening online and give recommendations on how we can keep the numbers moving in a positive direction.

    Step 4: Help You Make Business Decisions

    Most importantly, we will provide timely updates to arm you with information that helps you make decisions.

    We can meet at whatever frequency works best for you — weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. — so that you have a clear understanding of how your website is helping your business achieve its goals.