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What to Expect from our Orangeville SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization sometimes seems like a big mystery – but it doesn’t have to be!

With a purposeful direction and clear ways to measure results, we can take the mystery out of SEO and make it clear what you are getting as a result of our efforts.

Scroll further to see what you can expect when you work with us to improve your website’s search engine optimization!

Are you tired of unresponsive companies that can’t seem to clearly explain what’s happening?

Is SEO still confusing and you can’t connect the dots between what you’re paying for and the benefit to your business?

If so, let’s talk!

How We Help

Step 1: Technical SEO

Confirming there are no technical or performance problems with your site

We do a sweep of your site to make sure there are no red flags in how the site loads and gets found by Google.

Sometimes you can get quick gains in website traffic by correcting a technical oversight.

Examples of potential problems limiting your success can be:


  • The website is loading very slowly because of large images
  • The website doesn’t have the proper security settings
  • Pages on the website are not being discovered by Google

Step 2: Set a Target

Here we agree on which searches specifically we want to rank for on Google.

To do this, we use industry leading tools to uncover what people are searching and how often. The goal is to find keywords that have strong “search intent” — meaning that ranking well for these terms on Google will results in clicks and interaction with your business.

This process helps us build a focused strategy — and keeps us from getting sidetracked by chasing every possible keyword under the sun.

    Step 3: Set up Measurement Tools

    Proper tracking is incredibly important for understanding the impact of the SEO work

    We have years of experience working with Google Analytics and similar conversion tracking tools.

    And we won’t give you confusing reports — we’ll break it down and make it simple and transparent so that you understand what is (or isn’t) working.

      Step 4: Create & Update Website Content

      Content is a huge part of any SEO strategy. After all, you can’t rank for something if Google can’t see it on your website!

      Our first step is to update the existing content with the new keyword focus in mind, and then after that to create new content.

      Our goal is to produce content that is better, more informative than your competition.

      Once our content provides the best, more informative answer to what a user is searching for, then Google will begin to priortize our website over the others.

      Step 5: Improve Off-Page SEO

      The next step is to expand outwards with an off-page SEO strategy.

      After content is fresh and up-to-date, and we’ve confirmed there are no technical errors with the website, the next step is with off-page SEO.

      This means improving social content, ensuring your brand information is consistent across the web, and reaching out to gain valuable backlinks.

      With consistent work, soon you’ll be ranking amongst the top and enjoying the benefits that come with having strong visibility on an important, common search term!