Google Ads Management

What to Expect from our Orangeville Google Ads Management Services

Google Ads is a powerful platform for getting your brand, product, and message out in front of an interested and relevant audience.

Without proper planning and execution, it can also be a fantastic way to give lots of money to Google.

When you work with Trail Marker Digital, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls that lead to ineffective campaigns — and instead we can show you how Google Ads can help you achieve your sales and branding goals.

How We Help

Step 1: Define Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach and what do they need to see to capture their interest?

Success comes from a purposeful approach based around our target client.

That’s why each campaign starts with a collaborative discussion to make sure all efforts are pointed in the right direction.


Step 2: Set Goals

Goals help us understand how to measure success.

We help set expectations and put all the pieces in place so that you can understand clearly how the campaign is trending.

Step 3: Set up Measurement Tools

You can’t understand the value of a campaign if it isn’t properly measured.

We have extensive experience working with Google Analytics and similar conversion tracking tools.

We set up all the necessary tracking tools so it’s easy to understand what is (or isn’t) working.

    Step 4: Create & Launch the Campaign

    From keywords to budget management to ad content, we take care of it all.

    Our first step is to update the existing content with the new keyword focus in mind, and then after that to create new content.

    Our goal is to produce content that is better, more informative than your competition.

    Once our content provides the best, more informative answer to what a user is searching for, then Google will begin to priortize our website over the others.

    Step 5: Test, Optimize, Improve

    The best results come with careful monitoring of the campaign and ongoing testing and improvements.

    After the campaign goes live and data starts rolling in, we can get a better understanding of what to tweak in order to improve results.

    Over time, you can expect campaign performance and leads to climb.