SEO Case Study

Retreat Centre

Based in Orangeville, Ontario

SEO Case Study for an Orangeville Retreat Centre

Trail Marker Digital worked together with a retreat centre located near Orangeville, Ontario to raise brand awareness with SEO and improve lead generation, and to get the brand back on its feet after the Covid 19 pandemic halted business.

The project started with a website overhaul to give a stronger user experience and to improve SEO best practices.

We then conducted keyword research to find common searches that the target audience used when looking for a place to hold retreats. This led into a full website content refresh to optimize the language on the site and compete for top terms.


The Results

Since the refresh, the website has enjoyed strong Google rankings and near constant flow of leads from organic traffic. These leads are tracked and communicated to the client via simple, user-friendly website reports.

At the end of 2023, the website was bringing in an average of one lead per day — significantly up from the period before the pandemic.

This has kept the retreat very busy throughout their season and given them the opportunity to be selective on which groups to book.

We’re looking forward to continued success for the brand in the future! 


SEO Case Study - Orangeville Retreat Organic Rankings

Ranking results, showing rankings for target keywords and the improvement in positioning since the beginning of the campaign

SEO Case Study - website leads

Graph showing website leads over time, including the dip as a result of Covid 19 and the recovery back to an average of a lead per day.