SEO Case Study

Tree Removal Services Company

Based in Ottawa, Ontario

Frank Myrland of Trail Marker Digital

Trail Marker Digital worked together with a tree removal company to raise their profile online with SEO.

When we started work together, the website didn’t rank for any keywords at all, despite having been online for several months.

We worked with the client to identify target keywords with keyword research, and then implemented SEO best practices into the website.

We also refreshed the website content, giving more information and also working the service areas that the company supported into the content in a natural, user-friendly way.


The Results

Within a span of several weeks, the website began to rank for the target terms. In many cases, the site went from being completely non-existent on Google to ranking on the top page.

With their new position in the rankings for key terms, the brand will now be able to receive organic traffic and earn new leads from Google for years to come!


Ranking results, showing rankings for target keywords at the beginning and end of the campaign

Graph showing brand visibility in Google vs their main competitors, with client website shown in blue