Business Photography

What to Expect from our Orangeville Business Photography Services

Professional photography helps create a powerful first impression of your brand. From product and brand photography to business headshot portraits, your images set the tone of what to expect from the company.

We’ve worked with many companies to identify the images needed, and then to capture images in exceptional quality.

Take a look at what you can expect from our photography services:


Types of Business Photography Services Available

Business Portraits & Headshots

Orangeville Business Portrait Headshot Photography

Capture a portrait that you will be proud to share.

From LinkedIn profiles to email icons, the first impression we create is strongly influenced by our portrait photo.

With Trail Marker Digital, you can expect a professionally shot photo that captures you in the best light and gives a flavour of personality as well.


Brand Lifestyle Photos

Give a behind the scenes glimpse of what it looks like when your team is at work or what a customer can experience when they invest in your product.

Lifestyle photos give a strong sense of the brand and can help pull a potential buyer in to help sway their final decision.

Product Photography

Orangeville Product Photography by Trail Marker Digital

Highlight your product with a professionally taken photo.

Whether you are looking for products on a neutral background for images to be using in an online store or a shot of your product in use, we can help.

    On-Location Photography

    Orangeville Product Photography by Trail Marker Digital

    Showcase your office, company store, or completed work on location.

    From Google Business to your website, there’s a huge benefit in giving potential customers a glimpse of your location for peace of mind.

    For any company working in the trades or real estate, you also have the opportunity to show a completed living space with remarkable photos that will capture attention.